Advisor—Annabelle Gould
Collaboration—Nohea Puulei
Timeline—6 weeks
Undefined Conference
Visual System Design
Creativity is unique to every individual, allowing for limitless possibilities—it's undefined.

Undefined is a concept for a conference centered around creativity as a philosophy, encouraging the idea that it cannot be defined by one specific industry, practice, or medium.  We aim to provide a space for all industries to come together as they are encouraged to push their creative boundaries.
The logo was inspired by the phrase "think outside the box"—the letters make a rectangle and the graphics are never in the box, but outside of it or interacting with it.
This conference welcomes all creatives, including those who may not refer to themselves in this way. The speakers at this conference are creatives from all different fields, including people such as Stefan Sagmeister, Adam Grant, and Sarah Doody.
The Scans
We scanned a variety of objects that we believed represented creativity and the creative process: clothing items, quotes from creatives, notebook scribbles, and even art and design itself. Each scan cannot be defined or replicated—all are unique.
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