Advisor—Jayme Yen
Photography—35mm color
Timeline—10 weeks
Homage to Mary Oliver
Publication design
Mary Oliver, a renowned poet, was enamored with nature. Her poetry has shaped the way I view and connect with the natural world. This publication was created to pay homage to her words and allow others to see her work through my eyes.

For years I have carried her books with me when I’m outdoors. They are usually kept company by my film camera, a journal, and my wandering mind. My hope is that readers would use her poems and my reflections as tools to explore the intricacies of nature for themselves.

The publication has three players—Mary Oliver, myself, and the reader. The three are distinguished from one another by use of different mediums. Mary Oliver’s words are typeset on natural paper, my reflection on her words is on vellum paper, and the reader is encouraged to participate with the inclusion of notebook paper at the end of the book.
Medium One–Beeswax
Used sparingly in the introduction pages and concluding pages, beeswax coats the pages I deem as honoring to the life of Mary Oliver. Beeswax is commonly used to preserve things; Oliver’s words are precious to me and this book is a way for me to “preserve” her life.
Medium Two–Vellum
Vellum paper brings player 2 into the mix—myself. My handwriting, which is primarily notes for the readers and reflections on Mary Oliver’s words, and my film photography are both printed on vellum. They serve as a way to preserve the original form of her poetry, while also collapsing the time between my reflection on her work and the poetry itself.
Medium Three–Notebook Paper
This publication concludes with a section dedicated to the reader. They are encouraged to go out into nature, pay attention to their surroundings, and experience Oliver’s words for themselves. This section of the book includes writing prompts and pockets where they can place their own photos into the book.
The photography that is included in the book is a collection of film photography I’ve taken in places where I most likely had her books with me—literally or figuratively. Her words shape the lens through which I see the world.
Handwritten Text
The handwritten text, which is printed on vellum paper, primarily consists of notes for the readers, reflections on Mary Oliver’s words, and short anecdotes that relate to the selected poems. They sometimes point to my favorite stanzas or call-out pieces of poems that deeply move me.
"When it's over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms."
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