As one of my first projects at Oiselle, I was tasked with creating catalogs to give our potential wholesale dealers and PR clients a peak into our upcoming seasons' theme and line.

For our Spring and Fall 2021 lookbooks, I coordinated and creative directed each of the photoshoots, as well as designed the digital and print versions of these catalogs.
Spring 2021 Lookbook
In Spring of 2021, we were about a year into the pandemic and Covid was still at its height. Instead of dwelling on the challenges, Oiselle was committed to taking a pragmatically optimistic approach on the year, and we sought to turn the lemons we did have in our fruit bowl into refreshing lemonade. Thus, the theme for Spring '21 emerged: Making Lemonade.

This was one of my first projects at Oiselle, and I quickly learned how to bring an idea from conception to execution.
Look and Feel
To evoke a feeling of lightness, joy, and optimism, we chose to shoot some of the apparel on vibrant backdrops. I also brought in citrus fruits as props to subtly nod to the season's theme.
Fall 2021 Lookbook
As society transitioned into a "new normal", peoples' need for connection became more apparent than ever. Oiselle's theme for Fall 2021 was A New Day of Togetherness. In this season, we vowed to "move through the world a bit grittier, bolder, stronger... together, as community."
With its rebrand, O'Neill is the original American surf brand
that is classic, yet evolved.
Look and Feel
This lookbook featured images from two different photoshoots—one in-studio and one on-location shoot. I chose to add in photos from a track meet we organized to add a more human, gritty feel to the catalog and bring in photos that really captured that feel of togetherness.

I also added in a serif font to the season's brand guide that can be used closely with our primary san serif font to metaphorically represent a diverse community of peoples existing and thriving together.
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